Annajack is a very longstanding member of the Lush community, having stuck around through various reincarnations of the forum. She is a whizz with the knitting needles, and can bring your hat's desire to life in her fabulous creations. She knitted a lovely hat to give to Big when she met him on her Factory Visit in 2006, which he wears a lot, although he says it makes him look silly. Though famed through the land for her hat creations, she can turn her hand to other things - dragon scarves, mittens and maybe the odd knitted turnip to throw at trolls when necessary. Here are some of her creations being modelled by forumites and family…


Annajack is famous for something else on Lush aside from her knitting - her typos are pearls to be treasured. Some of her more famous ones will be added here soon.

She has a meat-loving husband, and a gorgeous son known as AJ the Younger. Everyone loves AJ :)

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