Ah Basil (also pronounce Baysil, but let's not get too invoved so early on), Herbage of the gods! Did not Artemis, goddess of something, have basil offered to her for her wedding celebrations; for her bouquet, her dress, the wedding breakfast and by a strange turn of events, as the honeymoon? And then did Twinmum, mother of twins not offer to wear a leotard of basil whilst flinging her bony crotch around the wedding celebrations under the name Basildonna?

Basil has since become a bit of forum injoke. Mainly perpetuated by Cam, but also by a bunch of crazy fools who do not realise how seriously and witheringly others look upon the subject. Basily goodness all round I say! And hold the coriander (bleurgh!)

Votes for Basil! Shtep in toim!

Ever seen Mary Poppins? Ever watched those crazy chimneysweeps doing their cerayzzee cockernee rooftop dance, descending into the livingroom and front hall of Mr & Mrs Banks' house? All your clues are there. Cam was transparently very bored over Christmas and New year.

Long live Basil, king of the Herbs!

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