Big is the forum name of Mark Constantine, co-founder of the Lush empire and current media darling.

A tall, silver haired man, Big is known for his strange taste in music and even stranger taste in loud jackets and shirts.
Always one to crowd please, Big can be spotted from far away at a forumite meet, due to both his booming voice and technicoloured

Mark is the co-founder of Lush (and its previous incarnation, Cosmetics to Go). He is married to Mo and has 3 children (2 of which work for Lush, Simon and Jack). At the moment he is very much in demand on television and radio for his ecological ideologies in retailing, Lush being a major trailblazer in reduction of packaging. As well as being a very talented Perfumer, Mark is also a qualified trichologist.

Big can often be found on the forum, asking for advice (and ignoring it) asking for feedback (sometimes taking notice of it) setting competitions (stupidly difficult ones) but mostly flirting with Twinmum.

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