Well, I know Cam will be disappointed if nothing is written about him, so I'll start the ball rolling (ooer missus). Cam is our very own Queen of the Forum, a title bestowed on him by Twinmum in the recent forum awards, but a recognised fact long before that. He is one of the resident forum gayers, and is much admired by the many forum ladies, many of whom have a desire to "turn" him, though only those who possess the herb of power, Basil, are likely to be anywhere close to doing so. Cam used to be the manager of the Edinburgh Lush, though these days he is more into designer wedding gear and arboreal pleasures. He has a weakness for all types of Bush (Kate, Basil) except the female variety and looks hawt in a kilt. Cam is teh sex *sigh*


And what's even more wonderful is that I wrote none of the above myself! I do like a bit of bigging up. And digging up, so ten points to Valb for being a star. Not that we do giving points on this forum. But I just felt like it, and enjoy making up the rules as I go along.

I've been kicking around the forum since 2003, first in an official capacity, then as a lurker, and since august 2007 as forum bullshitter, herbspreader and cocktease extrordinaire. And I quite like using italics.

Oh yes, I am related to John Barrowman of Torchwood fame. This gets me instant status wherever I go. So I do mention it as often as possible. If the bugger's using my surname, the least I can do is ride on the back of it/him.


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