What does IF mean?
IF stands for International Forum. It mostly comprises members from the UK, as there are several other Lush Forums for various countries, e.g. USA Forum, Australian Forum

Is there a search function on the IF?
Not at present, but we are assured the techies are working on it!

What does ISO/PMSL/AOBS mean?
Have a look at Acronyms and all should become clear!

How do I find my posts and add further posts to them?
At the moment, you remember which threads you've added to!

How do I post pictures?
You need a photo hosting account such as Photobucket. There is a full How To guide here:- http://www.topbb.com/craftycnuts/viewtopic.php?t=547&mforum=craftycnuts

How do I become a Mystery Shopper?
See this Mystery Shopping for more info.

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