Herb Related TV

This section covers the latest herb related TV and -coughcough- Movies.
Soup opera is the most established self proclaimed herb tv. It has won many awards and it being nominated for a BLAFTA this year. Soup opera begun at the same time of the chive epidemic. It is soap opera but it is based around a dinner table and flower pots and talks about the troubles and toils of herbs from around the pot.
Recently Dill Basilberg, a famous American director spoke of an interest to create the film
eternal herbage: attack of the trolls.
It is believed GoGreen is in PR and she has slipped that it will be in -selected- movies screens in april 09 . She has nothing to do with casting but was informed by Hen.K that Cam was asked play the lead. The lead has yet to be named and Cam has yet to confirm.
-confirmation- Cam will be playing the lead and will get one million pounds (of basil) and an additional 3 tonnes of chives.

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