Well I didn't really want to create this page but couldn't really explain chives without explaining about me-GG
GoGreen is a chivey herby enthusiast and general Junior Forumite.She is the Junior forummer due to her youngness and seems to be very elusive.
She joined in late 2007 and only really popped up occasionally and usually just to post random things.. In 2008 she because more active with the new forum. To many she is known by GG as predicted by Dylan when she first joined the forum in her introduction thread.
She takes snapshots of her bloomin' chives when she fancies it and gloats about their world record bloomin'
She can often be seen looning about the the FAO section annoying innocent people or talking about soup opera in trollish threads.
Soup opera however is a totally different story!
She is known to bug -occasionally- doubtfulsounds (aka Jack) for smileys for other users. At the moment she has quite a list, around 20!

(evil cackles- GG)

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