mazzmatazz is a fairly new member of the Lush IF, joining at the very end of 2006. She became more active during the spring and summer of 2007, and is now an established name on the boards.

mazz lives overlooking the River Thames, with the mysterious Mr mazz, who often provides whimsical fodder for new threads, albeit usually unintentionally.

mazz enjoys knitting, and is active on Crafty Cnuts and Ravelry, although her knitting is nowhere near as good as annajack's. She also sews, crochets, and has begun to make worry dolls. She often sends gifts to fellow forumites and enjoys holding silly competitions. Most notably, she sends supplies of vegan brownies to the Lush Factory on a semi-regular basis, earning her the 2007 Martha Stewart Award for Services to Baking at the Forum Awards

Update:- Mazzmatazz has recently found fame due to her knitting prowess! She designed patterns to recreate Dr Who characters the Adipose and the Ood, and posted them on the internet, but was threatened with legal action by the BBC once it was discovered that other people were making the items and then selling them on Ebay. The BBC have since entered into discussion with Mazz, and various plans are afoot - she has also been invited to meet the Dr Who team, and she is just a bit excited about the prospect of meeting the Davide (well, if she's lucky!). Mazz is also preparing a supplement to be published in the Guardian in July.

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