Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an important aspect of Lush customer satisfaction. A mystery shopper attends a particular shop during a set period of time, and reports back to Lush, scoring the shop on various aspects of the service received, the appearance of the shop and staff, demos given, etc. and often focusing on a particular area, for example, fresh display. The actual process of filling in the report is very time consuming (it can take half an hour or more to complete properly) and this is not something you should undertake unless you are fully committed to it. The reward for this hard work on your part is a £25 credit which can be used on Lush mail order only. You can register your interest in doing this with Tanamana by mailing her on ruth at You will need to tell her which shops you are able to do, any holiday commitments and your name, address and postcode (very important). You will also need to confirm that you are aged 16 or over, as this is a legal requirement.

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