Rachiebaby joined the forum in 2006 on the 26th February.

Since then she has been actively involved in loads of Lush discussions including her very first post in response to the topic 'What are you planning to eat on Good Friday?' to which she responded 'Fishfingers, why?'

Other topics of interest include the famous signatures involving an Italian greyhound called Charlie (who isn't Rachie's but either way he's still cute!), the borderline obsession with Happy For SAD, and generally being a pink and fluffy and non-controversial member.

Rachie also won a competition to the Lush factory in 2007 where she spilled soap on her hands on accident and then surprised hilary and wesley with vegan flapjacks.

Rachiebaby will reach her 2nd Forum Birthday on the 26th February 2008. It's been a good time.

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