Where do we start with Twinmum? A woman of many talents - she can down a bottle of gin in an hour and still stand upright, crochet a bag from recycled carrier bag wool and STILL have time to look after her Twindad, Twingirl, Twin 1, Twin 2 and Sparkle Twinkle Liberace II……..not to forget her millionaire Cyber boyfriend…..

Long standing forumite Twinma is most probably well known for her ongoing cyber relationship with BIG. From nude cowboy hat posing, to promises of ponies, to recent talk of cyber pregnancies, these two have done it all online! Let us not forget though, although we may all see the fun and flirtatious side of Twinma, there is a dedicated health professional lurking underneath…

I think one thing I can safely say is this; I think it is no coincidence that Twinma holds BIG in the palm of her hand and that she is also a trained Mental Health Nurse. In fact, I think that tells us rather a lot. Twinma is also the resident forum homeopathist (and real life one as well) so if you want to discuss your vital force being deranged, then speak to this woman.

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